P I G E O N S. Yes. I’m talking about those flappy flying rats in the city. Arggh I hate them so much. I wish I could just eradicate their whole species. Pigeons are the worst thing ever to happen to mankind , not hitler, not the two world wars or tsunamis or earthquakes  have caused the distress that these messengers of satan are causing.  These little demons are everywhere and that too in flocks just standing in the middle of the footpath like they own the whole goddamn world. Have you ever made eye contact with these little sh*ts? I know I did and I cringed so bad. They have these soul less eyes trying to suck the soul out of your body like the dementors in the harry potter movies,but this time it’s REAL. I think the pigeons near my college have started to recognize me and are coming closer and closer every single day and I no longer feel safe anymore.  I don’t even categorize them as birds now. If evil exists in this world it’s in the shape of these shiny necked creatures. You’ll all be laughing at me thinking what the hell is he saying but I have proof that pigeons are evil and are thinking of world domination:

1.THEY SIT ON FREAKING ELECTRICAL LINES AND STILL SURVIVE – If we did that we’d be toast by now.

2.Where are all the baby pigeons? Ever seen one? Exactly. DEMONS

3.Ever heard them cooing? It is the ideal sound for the background score of a murder scene. Sends shivers down my spine.

4.PIGEONS ARE FREELOADERS. Pigeons are now using public transport to move, like flying wasn’t enough. And they didn’t even pay for it.They’re didn’t even help built it and are neither paying maintenance charge. Instead what they’re doing is crapping all over our buses and metros. If that’s not evil idk what is.


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